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The April 9th tournament is in the books and your winners are
April 9 2017 tournament
The team of Shroyer and Puthoff
They won $591.00

2nd place is
April 9 2017 tournament Grand Lake Crappie Series
The team of Fuerst and Ray
They won $330

3rd place
April 9 2017 tournament Grand Lake Crappie Series
The team of Hartings and Pleiman
They won $100 and The Big Pig award from
Villa Nova Drive Thru for the big Fish of the day.

Here is the rest of the field

TEAM #Fish Weight Place
Mark  Puthoff / Mike Shroyer 8 8.2 1st
Jack  Ray / Josh  Fuerst 8 7.91 2nd
Jack  Hartings / Nick Pleiman 8 7.57 3rd
Joe Vanover / Jamie Longsworth 8 6.17 4th
Jeff Toben / John Andreoni 8 6.12 5th
Jerrod Miller / Krista Miller 8 5.98 6th
Charlie Hildreth / Myron Etchisor 8 5.86 7th
Phil Stone / Dustin Fast 8 5.25 8th
Herb  Richey / Jeanetta Mack 6 3.72 9th
Steven Luke / Chad Creamens 5 3.11 10th
Jason Longsworth / Robert  Larkin 1 0.85 11th
Westley Yingst /   1 0.6 12th
Chad Gallimore /   1 0.41 13th
Daniel Reed / Josh  Henline     14th
Marc Brutter / Nicole Buttler     14th
Jim Freeman / Doug  Freeman     14th
Ryan Kennedy / Scott Sipe     14th
Ryan Beohringe / Dylan Owens     14th
Shane Snyder / Branden Coffey     14th
John Pruitt / Bruce Menchofer     14th
Scott Bird II / Jake Moyar     14th
Tim Poppe / Mike Whitaker     14th
Scott Bullock / Drew  Bullock     14th
Cole Owens / Wes  Miller     14th
Allen  Reed / James  Carter     14th
Rich Holmer / Cert Miller     14th
Steven Bigelow / Curt Wagner     14th
Brian Bollenbacher /       14th
Kyle Karet / Jonathon Lowe     14th
Cody Boring / Monica Wells     14th
Bruce Monroe / Eric Millsaps     14th
Ted  Poppe / Carl  Aufderhaar     14th

Click HERE to see the point totals 
Click HERE to see carry over amounts for the Classic, Points and the Big Fish Pots.
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